Post-Wax Care

After your first Bikini or Brazilian wax

The majority of hair that’s grown above the skin will be removed. Hair grows in different cycles; the hairs that were growing below the skin’s surface during your first wax will be removed after your repeat your appointment a few times. 

Popular Questions

Can I use tanning after bikini waxing?

You can. But we recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours after a wax before getting exposed by the sun.

How long should hair be for my next bikini wax?

Usually, when your hair’s grown to be at least a ¼ inch long.
On average, a bikini wax will last from three to four weeks. Each person is different. If you have any concerns, please ask us, and we’ll be able to answer your questions.

Can I get a bikini wax or Brazilian if I have my period?

Yes, you can. Just be aware that your pubic area is often more sensitive during this time.

Some After-Effects may occur

Ingrown hairs

After your waxing, if some of the after-effects above occur, don’t hesitate to contact us.